M. Legare (adequatemagic) wrote in vignettes,
M. Legare

Let me tell you something about dragons...

"Let me tell you something about dragons," he said, "First, never believe anyone who says 'forget everything you know about dragons'. Don't do that. Remember it, but remember that it could be wrong. Dragons listen to all the babbling that humans make abou them, and are not above changing the rules to fuck with us.
"Next, dragons have a very long, slow, deep strain of humor in them. Wit, they appreciate. Slapstick, they tolerate. Irony, they savor.
"For example...
"A shepherd once tricked a dragon into leaving his flocks alone. Don't ask me how - it's along story and I need to be on the move before the sun comes up again. Suffice to say it was every bit as clever as all those clever bumpkins people love to write stories about. Three weeks later, he was drunk and boasting about 'pulling the wool' over the dragon's eyes.
"Four weeks later - flocks were gone.
"Five weeks later - dragon appeared with a very large wool hat."
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