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vi·gnette</a> (vn-yt)   n.

a.   A short, usually descriptive literary sketch.
b.   A short scene or incident, as from a movie.

A community for the writting of short sketches or scenes.

The rules:
1.   Post scenes or sketches or stories only. If you wish to discuss one, do it in comments.
2.   No fan-fic.
3.   If the subject matter offends you, feel free to not read it.
4.   Posting here is a right, not a privilege. On the other hand, it's a right that can be revoked.

If you wish to join, contact the maintainer.

Authors who have posted more than two (2) vignettes will be given their own area in memories, so that their work may be more easily found for any fans they may have.

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